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Developing good habits for seniors is an excellent idea at any time of the year, but it’s especially appropriate as January rolls around. What are some good habits for seniors to consider? The list is long and varied, but we have found a few inspiring stories from individuals to learn some great new habits to adopt in 2014.


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Make physical activity enjoyable.

How many times have we been told about the importance of keeping active, especially as we age? That’s easier said than done, but many seniors have found ways to make physical activity enjoyable. One way that works for Ed Bobinski, an 80-year-old in Vancouver, is by getting out on the links and golfing. The key is to avoid using carts and to walk from hole to hole to make use of walking as his form of exercise. And as an added bonus, playing golf (or a similar sport) gives a person the chance to chat with other people improving mental and emotional health with new companionship. If golf isn’t up your alley, find another activity such as walking with a friend or playing croquet to dancing to swimming. As long as it is something you like to do that can keep you active.

Find flavor in fiber.


Check out a recipe from Freida!

Freida Thomas is a “50+ club” member who understands the importance of fiber in her diet and shares a yummy fiber-rich recipes online. She made more increasing fiber to her diet a 2013 habit for herself, knowing that fiber helps with digestion and blood sugar, aids in lowering bad cholesterol and can make maintaining a good weight easier. Adding fiber to your diet is a habit well worth forming!

Keep connected.


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One of the best habits to form is simply keeping in touch with others. Being involved makes us feel more alive. 102-year-old Florence Detlor feels younger than than ever before because she calls people on the phone, tries to arrange visits and isn’t afraid to use new technology to stay in touch. Florence has her own Facebook community page with more than 2300 likes. You don’t have to go “whole hog” like Florence, but doing your part to communicate with others is a habit that can keep you healthier and happier.

Use your noggin.


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This good habit will keep you mentally alive and therefore more attuned to what is going on in your life. Norma Merrett is a 77-year-old Australian woman who believes that keeping the brain stimulated is crucial. She’s a very active member of Mitcham’s Mahjong Group, which she credits with keeping her mentally stimulated. There are numerous activities out there, including crossword puzzles, Sudoku, online learning games and much more. Make a habit of finding one that engages, challenges and invigorates you.

Share your experiences.


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You’ve learned a lot in your life – so why keep it all to yourself? Your knowledge and experience are valuable assets to share. Fall into the habit of volunteering to help others. Mary Knox, a retired teacher, spent two years in Cambodia, where her experience made a difference in the lives of many children. You don’t have to go to that extreme, but your community most likely has a charity that could benefit from your skills set. And of course, making volunteering into a habit helps you as well: it keeps you active, allows you to interact with others and makes you feel good about yourself.

Sometimes people need some help in forming good habits. HomeHero’s dedicated caregivers can provide a helping hand here. If you are in need of assistance in making good intentions into reality, or if you are caring for a senior who needs this help, HomeHero can give you the guidance you are looking for.

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