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Many people (and not just seniors!) complain that they would exercise more if they only had the time or the equipment. It’s understandable that, with all the demands made on people today, finding a way to exercise can be a challenge. But the good news is that there are some simple exercises a person can do that don’t require huge pieces of gym equipment and can be done at the same time as other things.

Here are five simple exercises that seniors and others concerned about their health should consider. By themselves they may not create a body that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jillian Michaels burn with envy, but they can be an important aid in maintaining a proper physique.

One important reminder: These exercise tips are for fairly gentle exercises, but it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before embarking on any new exercise programs. And, of course, use common sense: For example, if you have back problems and an exercise puts a strain on your back, don’t do that exercise.

Wear wrist weights in the kitchen.

Invest in a small pair of one-pound wrist weights. These are weighted circular bracelets that can slip on over the hand and settle comfortably on the wrist. At just one pound, they add a small bit of weight training exercise into your daily routines. Wearing them while preparing a meal can help you exercise your arms – especially the lower arms – as it adds just a little extra effort into picking up a pot, adding salt to the soup, setting the table, etc.

Keep a can of soup in the living room.

This doesn’t have to be a can of soup; it can be a bottle of water or an actual dumbbell if preferred. The idea is to keep something handy that you can use to do a few sets of lifting while sitting on the couch watching TV. Try lifting the soup can (or other object) up and down 5-10 times; ideally, try doing this every time there’s a commercial break.

Don’t just wait. Move.

In most households, if two people are going to go somewhere, one of them is going to spend some time waiting for the other. Next time you find yourself all set and ready to go but your companion needs “five more minutes,” don’t just jiggle your keys or sit around drumming your fingers. Use the opportunity to be active. Walk around the living room or around the front yard as you wait. If walking is an issue, or if there isn’t enough space, swing your arms or engage in some other form of movement.

Use that car trip.

Even without traffic, people can spend a great deal of time in the car. If you are the passenger, utilize that time. Try doing “air punches” – make a fist, bend your arms so your fists are near the chest, then extend them one at a time and bring them back to the chest. (If space is limited, just extend them part of the way). Air punches don’t do much for strength, but they can give you a little bit of a cardio workout. You can also choose to do other small movement exercises while on the car trip.

Just stand for it.

If you find yourself sitting for an inordinate part of the day – try standing more. Even better, if you have good balance, hold onto a chair, desk or table and shift your weight from one foot to the other or lift one foot off the ground and swing it around, then do the same with the other. (Again, do not try this if you have poor balance or other issues.) Sitting for too long a period of time encourages your body to get into bad habits; stand and help break those habits.

The good people at HomeHero are available to help you determine, with your doctor’s advice, what kind of activities and exercises might be of the most benefit to you. Utilizing this assistance can help you both plan and maintain a proper exercise routine that fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

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