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Seniors (and those who are not so senior, for that matter) can take steps to ensure greater bone health as they age. Preventing low bone mass is important for maintaining health, preventing fractures and staying comfortably mobile. Although there are a number of lifestyle factors that can affect bone health, one of the most important is diet.

A bone healthy diet is one that provides ample opportunity to absorb calcium and vitamin D, among other important nutrients. Fortunately, there are many delicious foods that can help seniors obtain bone-healthy nutrients. Below are a variety of recipes that encourage bone health all while satisfying the palate.

Start off with a yogurt-pear smoothie

As most people know, dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. A delicious yogurt-pear smoothie can make an excellent breakfast – and supply 29% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium to boot.

Snack on edamame

Edamame, or soybeans, are high in both calcium and potassium, another nutrient associated with good bone health. Many people enjoy munching on edamame as a snack food, either raw, steamed or microwaved. They’re also an excellent way to add a little extra bone health to your favorite salad.

Get cheesy

Cheese, being a dairy product, is another excellent source of calcium – and can add flavor to just about anything. Try some of these recipes for a flavorful treat:

In this recipe, there’s a double whammy of bone health: the cheese, of course, but also the broccoli, which is excellent at strengthening bones. If you want, add kale and make it a triple-bone-health threat.

The three cheeses in this fabulous recipe provide about 40% of the recommended daily intake of calcium – an excellent way to get a lot of bone health at one sitting. (The good news is that using part-skim ricotta also helps to keep the fat content down.)

Go fish

Certain fishes, are excellent sources of bone friendly nutrients; for example, 75 grams of canned sockeye salmon contains a whopping 585 units of vitamin D. Adding salmon to spinach, an excellent source of calcium, makes this recipe a winner.

Apples and avocados are decent suppliers of potassium; when mixed in with high-calcium albacore tuna and cheese, the result has loads of bone health in it.

Go green

Down south, collard greens are a delicious staple – and oh so good for the bones. Have a southern treat while absorbing plenty of calcium with this dish.

Bring on dessert

Nutella is a scrumptious hazelnut and chocolate spread that makes just about anything taste good. It’s also a lovely way to satisfy the sweet tooth and one’s bones: Just 2 tablespoons supplies 4% of a person’s daily calcium needs. Spreading the Nutella on crepes makes for a yummy end to dinner.

Planning a diet that address bone health and other needs can sometimes require assistance. Working with HomeHero’s knowledgeable staff can make the job easier. These experts can offer their own guidance and experience, as well as know how to bring a doctor or nutritionist into the collaborative process when planning changes to the diet of any sort.

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