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Senior personal care takes a lot of patience and sensitivity. Many people find that some simple everyday tasks become a bit more challenging as they age and may require some creative senior care thinking to reduce the challenges. For example, just getting dressed may require more thought and effort. The following tips offer specific ideas that help overcome similar obstacles.

Lower the bar. Many individuals, especially those with arthritis, find that raising the arm too high causes a pain in the shoulder. This is especially true in the morning, when they may be reaching for clothes in their closets. Lowering the clothing bar so that clothes are easily accessible can help reduce pain while selecting an outfit.

Deal with buttons. Buttons can be a bother. There are at least two options to consider if buttons are becoming troublesome: opt to buy and wear clothes with zippers or Velcro snaps, or utilize a button aid (often called a button hook). Button aids are wire circles attached to a wooden handle that can be used to grab the button and guide it through the proper hole.


Conquer the zipper. Sometimes zippers can also present a challenge. Consider the use of a zipper pull, which attaches to a zipper and has a longer handle on it so that gripping and pulling is easier.

Move to the front. Clothes that open and close in the front are easier to handle than those that close in the back. For women, this includes bras; those that unhook in the back can be especially difficult to manage for a woman with range-of-mobility concerns.

Don’t forget socks and hose. When a person feels particularly stiff, getting a foot into a sock or stocking can be a pain. Senior care can be improved by the use of a hosiery tool. This is a small metal structure over which a sock or hose is placed, rolled up. It holds the foot covering in place so that the foot can be inserted and the sock or stocking can be easily rolled up. Some people also make use of a “sock pull” (similar to a zipper pull) to then pull the sock or stocking further up the leg.

Although there can be challenges to getting dressed, it’s important to work to conquer those challenges. Looking one’s best makes one feel better and can have an impact on one’s entire day. The caregivers at HomeHero can help develop strategies to make dressing a more pleasant experience.

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