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What is at risk during surgery?

Depending upon the surgery you are having, many things could be at risk. Your heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, immune and endocrine system all must be in the best shape possible prior to surgery. This will minimize the chance that something will go wrong once you are subjected to the stress of surgery.

Another key concern here is the impact of anesthesia, the surgery’s physiological assault to the body and the stress of the procedure to the aging respiratory and cardiac systems. Your doctor should be able to comprehensively assess your overall functional status and provide a thorough review on medications essential to optimizing operative care before and after the procedure. Evidence of prior medical conditions will show up on the preoperative testing your surgeon performs, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell your doctor prior to these exams.

Depending on your physical and physiological functional capabilities, there is a possibility that you will need assistance from rehabilitation facilities after the procedure. Make sure to ask the necessary questions for your doctor. Your caregiver should accompany you to all of your medical appointments to assure that the correct questions are being asked.

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