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As the above graphic demonstrates, more and more seniors are experiencing successful aging each year; by 2050, there will be more than 4.1 million centenarians, compared to a little more than 450,000 in 2009.

And those who are successfully aging are not just sitting around either; the same graphic tells us that 20% of the output in scholarship fields comes from people in their 70s. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Successful aging – by which is generally meant aging in a manner that allows the person to remain as healthy, active and in a state to enjoy life as possible – is a goal to which all seniors aspire. Using these tips can help achieve that goal.

Be social.

In general, individuals who have a wider social circle tend to age better. Getting out of the house and meeting friends for lunch, going down to the senior center to participate in programs or enrolling in a book club are all excellent ways of maintaining social relationships, whether with old friends or new acquaintances.

Get physical.

Exercise is enormously important to successful aging. If a senior citizen goes to the gym regularly or is part of a swimming club, that’s marvelous; however, getting exercise doesn’t have to involve bulking up and getting buff. Simply going for regular walks or taking yoga or dance classes can be enough for many. (As a reminder, anyone embarking on new exercise routines should check with their doctor first – just to be safe.)

Get mental.

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs exercise. Working to keep the mind sharp is equally important. Reading, doing puzzles, playing online games, memorizing poems, taking up a hobby and trying things you’ve never tried before can all play a part in keeping that brain buffed.

Don’t be afraid to create.

Exercising creativity is an excellent way to express oneself – which makes a person feel better psychologically and emotionally. It doesn’t matter if your writing will never be published or if your drawings or paintings are not going to hang in a museum; using your creative muscles can provide both entertainment and happiness.


There’s a reason that they say laughter is the best medicine. As this article details, laughter really does provide health benefits, ranging from preventing heart disease and relaxing muscles to enhancing resilience and lowering stress hormones. Making laughter part of your life has an important impact on aging.

Eat right.

Nutrition is key to successful aging; even those who have not traditionally kept to a healthy diet can find benefits from adopting a more nutritious lifestyle as seniors. Fruits, vegetables and fatty fish are especially helpful; consult with a doctor to determine the best approach to take to changing your “foodstyle.”

Sometimes aging well can take a little assistance; that’s where the professionals at HomeHero can play an important role. These experts know how to guide seniors as they partake in the activities and choices that can lead to successful aging.

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