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Caregivers are inspiring to us, and we want to provide a little inspiration back to them. Everyone has days when they need an extra push to keep going, and caregivers are no exception. Hopefully, the days when things go right outweigh the ones when absolutely nothing works out the way it’s supposed to. Here are some tips to help find a little inspiration to keep going, even when the days seem a bit blue.

  • Uncover some peace. When a person has a very full schedule, trying to find a little “alone time” can be next to impossible. Nevertheless, it’s to a person’s benefit to make that time happen, even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes. Spending a brief period of time all alone in a quiet room with the door closed and no distractions can really help to recharge a person’s mental and emotional batteries.=


  • Modify your surroundings. People are more influenced by their environment than they may realize. Take inventory of the physical spaces you inhabit and determine what small changes would make you feel more comfortable and more at ease. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a cushion to comfort a sore back, opening the blinds to let in more sunshine or putting on music that lifts your mood.

  • Pat yourself on the back. As a caregiver, you are changing someone’s life. There isn’t anything more inspiring than that. Fight the urge to undermine what you do by making a list of things that you have accomplished. An accomplishment can be as small as remembering to unload the dishwasher or taking out the garbage to as big as making your mother’s life easier or saving your father from making a bad financial decision. You may be surprised at all of the things you accomplish in one day.

  • Let your mind roam free. Often a person gets stuck on a problem and makes them feel enormously frustrated. In those instances, do some brainstorming. Simply write down every solution that comes into your head, no matter how ridiculous. If you don’t censor your thoughts, you can usually come up with many viable possibilities that you haven’t considered before.


  • Talk. Many people, especially caregivers, find themselves too isolated, which can dampen their ability to feel inspired. Call up some friends or, even better, arrange some face-to-face meetings. You could get some good advice or you may just come home in a better mood, which will make you more receptive to inspiration.

HomeHero’s dedicated staff can be an additional resource for inspiration. Whether providing some free time or using their professional expertise to solve problems, they can help home caregivers and others be more open to much-needed inspiration.

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