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Like everyone else, seniors like to save a little money when they can. This is especially true for seniors who are living on fixed incomes or who may have some temporarily inflated expenses that they want to work around. Seniors interested in saving a little cash should take a look at these tips as a starting point.

Take a look at those property taxes.

Although it can be a bit of a pain, seniors who are also homeowners should annually go over their property taxes to see if there may be ways that they can reduce the amount they owe. For example, states or cities often offer tax abatements on real estate as a way to encourage development, and some of these are often targeted at senior citizens.

Watch out for energy vampires.

A great many electronic devices (televisions, toasters, computers, etc.) are energy vampires, meaning they “suck out” electricity when they are plugged in. Even if they aren’t turned on. Figure out which of these don’t require full-time plugging and disconnect them whenever they are not in use.

Reduce grocery shopping trips.

If possible, try to make one “big” shopping trip a week, rather than several small ones. Most people engage in some “impulse buying” when they go shopping, so limiting grocery trips to one a week reduces the number of times one is likely to grab something on an impulse and add it to the cart. (Plus, it cuts down on the money spent of gas for multiple trips to the same store.)

And prepare for those shopping trips.

Plot out what’s needed for the entire week and make a list. Take a look at what special deals your local supermarket is going to be offering when you make your trip and adjust the list accordingly. For example, if Golden Delicious apples are on sale, purchase those rather than the Red Delicious variety. If you notice that your favorite rice is on sale this week at a significant discount, and you use rice frequently, buy extra this week.


A free service of the National Council on Aging (, helps seniors find links to the programs that may be able to aid in paying for prescription drugs, health care, utilities and other basic needs. It requires a little patience, as visitors must answer a range of questions, but it’s worth the trouble for many people.

Be on the look-out for senior discounts.

Many businesses, both local and chain-based, offer a wide range of senior discounts. A few examples: AMC Cinemas currently has senior discounts on Tuesdays. Many AmTrak fares are available at a 15% discount to seniors. AARP members can receive discounts on a wide range of goods and services, including care rentals, hotels and more. If unsure whether a particular business offers a senior discount, check online – or even better, call or ask in person. Sometimes discounts are available that may not be easily found through an online source.

Opt for annual payments.

When possible, pay insurance or other fees in one lump sum annually rather than spreading the payments out over the year. It may not seem like much, but that little extra that is paid each month can add up.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Working with a qualified HomeHero staff member is an excellent way to investigate other money saving possibilities. Everyone could use a little extra money: start finding yours today.

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