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One of the greatest perks about retiring is all of the extra free time you have to travel. It’s what many people look forward to in their lives. Finally, all of your dreams about tasting the wine in Italy or finding spirituality in India can finally come true. Even if you’re travels are staying within the same country, it’s important to prepare early for your next adventure. Whether you are traveling by car, bus, train or airplane, we have found some great tips for your traveling endeavors.

senior-travel-tips Packing smart doesn’t mean packing light. Some people think that it would make traveling easier if they had less luggage. In actuality, it’s completely fine to have extra luggage for any types of emergencies that may arise. When they say pack smart, they simply mean by the type of luggage you are carrying. Having fun, bright colored prints on your luggage will make it distinguishable when locating your bag after arrival. Adding unique tags with your basic personal information will allow for the airport or airline to find you if your bags get lost.

senior-travel-tips Be honest about your age! You would be surprised at how many advantages there are for senior citizens when it comes to travel arrangements. Between your flights, rental cars, hotels and even various day or night time activities may have senior discounts that you aren’t aware of. Are you an AARP or AAA member? You are more than likely eligible for discounts during your travel or gas expenses.

Traveler’s insurance may be your best option. While it may seem like a waste of money at the point of purchase, traveler’s insurance could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Circumstances frequently arise that cause us to have to cancel trips or postpone the journey. With traveler’s insurance, you are covered for any rescheduling or cancelations that may occur. If you are traveling outside of the United States, make sure to find out if your health insurance policy is covered over the border. There are traveler’s health insurance options available as well.

senior-travel-tips Explore seasonal traveling options. The best part about traveling is deciding where to go. Are you thinking about going to the mountains in a cottage for the winter time? Or perhaps you want to get away from the frigid weather and want to go to a beach area. While everyone has their own tastes when it comes to traveling, many of the warmer climate locations cater very well to seniors. Many seasonal destinations have cultural attractions and other sight seeing activities that give you just enough physical activity for the day. Take the time to consider your location if you are looking for somewhere to go aside from visiting family. For recreational purposes, it’s best to be as prepared as you can ahead of time. This will allow you to find all of the appropriate accommodations necessary.

senior-travel-tips Always take mobility into consideration. According to a study by ActiveCare, Americans spend $129 billion on auto transportation every year. That is a huge amount of people on the roads. This proves that there are means for transportation available to you at any location. Prepare early on before you begin your travels so you can arrange for any transportation services, bus routes or taxi locations that are available in the area. If you have a caregiver and would like them to come with you, talk to them about it. It’s alright to be nervous about your travels without the assistance of someone you have grown to trust. If you don’t want to bring them, then talk to them about helping to prepare for your transportation during your trip. HomeHero caregivers can assist with any point of your travel preparation.

senior-travel-tips Don’t forget about technology. There are plenty of easy to use technologies available to document the best moments in your life while you travel. Snap shot cameras or smart phones that have GPS devices or camera settings allow for an easy, all inclusive package. It also can include special applications that provide personal assistant links to find the help that you need while you are on vacation or for any emergencies that arise.

Fun Facts About Traveling

  • The number one reason for U.S. domestic traveling is to visit relatives.
  • Americans spend $526 billion on vacation travel yearly.
  • American Airlines at one point cut costs by removing one olive from their salads.
  • The white trail a plane leaves in the sky can be used to predict the weather.
  • Worldwide, the airline industry generates about $640 billion.
  • A commercial jet has an average cruising speed of 550-580 mph.
  • The chances of being in an aircraft accident is 1 in 11 million.
  • The top travel destinations for senior citizens include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland, Washington DC, Branson, Missouri, Orlando, Florida, Portland, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada. Do you have special tips to add to our list? Send us your thoughts on Twitter @HomeHero or share a comment of Facebook!

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