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When it comes to the quality of life of senior citizens, AARP has been the number one source of helping individuals over the age of 50 to increase the quality of life by turning their dreams into a reality. It would only make sense that during the recent discrepancies with the Affordable Care Act, AARP took it into their own hands to provide United States citizens with simplified answers.

In August of 2013, AARP announced a new resource that is currently available to United States citizens who are looking for information regarding the Affordable Care Act. Their new tool, Health Law Answers, allows you to input basic information through seven simple steps to provide facts, resources and answers to questions about the ACA.


For senior citizens, this is an amazing and easy tool that can help educate and prepare them to take the next steps for their future. Health Law Answers takes into consideration how the new health care laws will affect those who currently have Medicare, Medicaid or Veteran?s health care. The best part about Health Law Answers is that you don?t need to prepare all of your previous tax information or set aside several hours to get the information you need.

The only information you need to discretely provide is:

  • The state you reside in
  • Gender
  • Age bracket
  • Current household size listed on your federal income tax
  • Expected yearly household income
  • Tribal status
  • What your current health coverage is (including Medicare, Medicaid or Veteran?s health care)


Once you generate your report, AARP?s Health Law Answers will provide resources as well as other coverage and protection options available for you and your family.

To go along with Health Law Answers, AARP also created to provide more detailed information on several different aspects of the ACA. This is only a small portion of what AARP is doing to educate Americans of all ages. AARP?s current campaign will continue on until Americans feel that they have a clear understanding of what is changing for them and how they can finally feel safe.

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