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When it comes to various financial situations for seniors, it can be difficult and overwhelming. Area agencies provide senior citizens information on how to find financial, medical and other benefit programs that can assist you when searching for the appropriate help.

In 1965, the Older Americans Act was passed by the federal government with the goal of improving the lives of all seniors in the United States. The Act established the National Aging Network and several other agencies were charged with carrying out the provisions of the Act. Among these agencies are the 629 local community-based organizations that are designated as local Area Agencies on Aging. These agencies provide provide guidance, information and assistance on a local level to complement the services provided on a state and national level.

Each state is in charge of setting up its own network of area agencies on aging. To determine where an agency will be located and what areas it will serve, states usually take into consideration various factors including population, geographic factors, available resources and county, town and city boundaries.


The exact services and information offered vary from state to state and may even vary from agency to agency. It all depends upon the needs of the populations they serve and the resources available to them. However, these agencies help seniors and caregivers by assisting seniors find out more about benefit programs that may be available to them:

  • Issues surrounding Social Security, Medicare and other initiatives that benefit low-income elderly citizens
  • “Meals on Wheels” programs
  • Transportation options for seniors
  • Programs that focus on prescription drugs and healthy aging.
  • Training available for home caregivers
  • Information about senior community programs and support groups
  • Volunteer opportunities for aging individuals


Some area agencies may offer direct programs and services themselves while others may act more as a resource which can point a senior in the direction to find the program that he or she is seeking.

Local has an advantage

Community area agencies on aging are a tremendous resource for seniors and are especially useful because of their proximity. While state and federal agencies can be very helpful, these area agencies are going to have a better idea of what is actually available in an area easily accessible to where an individual resides.

How to find your area agency

In order to locate the area agency that serves your locale, visit and click on the state in which you live. You will be taken to a state home page which will in turn have links to or contact information for the area agencies in that state.

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