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All Hands (9/12/14)

Malibu, CA. This past Friday, our HomeHero staff took a ‘day to play.’ Driving up Highway 1 from Santa Monica to Malibu, we gathered at a residence-turned-retreat for a company event to test our wit, physical endurance and ability to work as a team. This made me reflect on what it takes to build an A-Team, and the four common traits of great teams:

Pick the Right Players

As Hollywood taught us in the movie, Moneyball, choosing team players with complementary strengths leads to a win! Having 10 CEO’s on a single team won’t yield results; its the right combination of personalities and skill-sets that count. Those differences can add up to be a team’s biggest strength. Good teams take care of each another from 8am-5pm, but great teams take care of one another from 5pm-8am. Take time to know what drives your coworkers, and you’ll succeed together.

“If you can dream it up, you can team it up.” —Richie Norton

Delegate then Trust

Once a company grows, the demands of day-to-day decisions must be handed off. As with your partner in life or business, instilling faith in employees to act in line with the values of the company vision is the most important trait strong leaders can model. Trust the decisions they need to make. Pass the ball to your teammate and then let go!

Incentivize and Take Chances

Charlie Kim leads the most innovative company operating in the world today and no, he isn’t the new CEO of Apple. He started Next Jump, whose lofty goal is to ‘change the world by changing workplace culture.’ Taking a cue from his son”s preschool, he found that by showcasing employees work and accomplishments on the walls of the office, productivity shot through the roof. His company is pushing the boundaries and redefining workplace culture through human capital retention and you can read more about the company here, but bottom line:** a great team sets expectations for each other, then celebrates those achievements openly.**

Your Team is a Family

To quote one of the most successful entrepreneurs alive today, Elon Musk, ‘Life is too short for long-term grudges.’ Easier said than done. Coworkers, like children, all want to have a say and often this leads to disagreements. As a parent with two small children I know conflict is natural and inevitable; but everyone must come back together, resolve the issue and move forward. If experience and technical know-how are the meat and potatoes of your company, inclusion is the secret sauce. **Everyone should feel included with a place at the table, **and their voices validated.


According to a recent Gallup poll, almost 20% of the American workforce is actively disengaged with their work - costing the US economy $350 billion in lost revenue. Building a strong team with Acceptance and Accountability ensures your ‘A-Team’ is actively engaged at work and creates the right environment for success!

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