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I watch little to no television. I have a very busy life which does not permit more than twenty minutes with a television set in any given day. This week I discovered why I am so busy and won?t find time to watch television. The media in the USA appears to me to be nothing more than argumentative adolescents trying to make their point, not inform the public with facts of an event. Harsh? Yes. My opinion is based on my observation of news broadcasts this week.

I turned my television on 3 times in the last week. Every time I was bombarded with news on racism in the USA. I do know we have a racism problem in this country, but it seems as though the news I saw did more to exacerbate the situation than defuse it. How can we be a nation of immigrants and still hold arcane beliefs that anyone is less or more because of the color of their skin? I have an idea on this subject.

All people, regardless of race have a need to feel superior to something or someone. This desire is as old as humanity and exists in every nation. This behavior is also prevalent in the animal kingdom. If one can’t get this feeling from their own achievements or lack a feeling of self worth for whatever reason, they denigrate others to get the ?high? that comes from elevating themselves above someone, anyone else.

In some countries people who speak a specific language are ?better? than others, people with a specific eye color are treated with disdain, but somehow in the USA we have decided that skin color, which is no more than an obvious indicator of ancestry is the deciding factor on how we should ?feel? about someone or treat another person.

It is time the USA unites to recognize that if we are here sharing the same country, we all need to ?play nice in the sandbox?. Our lives the lives of our children and if we don?t destroy each other, the lives of our grandchildren will be better fuller and filled with more joy and happiness than we have experienced with divisive attitudes.

If you are of black ancestry please stop referring to yourself as African American, you are an American, period. If you are from Mexico and living in the USA you are not a Mexican-American, you are an American. When you separate from other Americans with the ?African? or ?Mexican? or any other hyphenated label, it is divisive. If you are Latin, Asian, European, Turkish or any other race or creed embrace your genealogy, but please know that if you live in the USA you are an American and any other label is factious. When we as a people are ALL able to look at ourselves as one people, the violence against one another will stop. Our ability to see beyond skin color, eye shape and language is what will make this nation great. The coming together as a unified nation, all with different ancestry, but now a cohesive country of people who all want ?Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? as we create communities of friends is what we need to strive to attain.

You are not better than anyone else because of the color of your skin hair or eyes, you are not worse than anyone else because of the color of your skin hair or eyes. If you are a kind honorable decent compassionate empathetic person, that is all that matters, not your heritage. The USA will only be a great nation when ALL of its people can live side by side without any concern for country of origin. I would like to think this will happen in my lifetime.

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