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Welcome to episode #3 of the HomeHero Podcast, a show dedicated to emerging trends, challenges, and solutions to America’s rapidly growing senior population.

Today we welcome Roni Zeiger MD, Founder of Smart Patients and former Chief Health Strategist at Google.

Smart Patients is an online community for motivated patients and their families and friends to learn more about scientific developments related to their conditions and share their questions and concerns with other members. Zeiger has argued patient experience is an underutilized resource in healthcare, and discusses its potential benefits at length in his TEDMED talk “Who is the Real Medical Expert?

During today’s episode, we discuss:

• The technological divide between Silicon Valley health systems and their national counterparts

• Challenges plaguing the healthcare industry’s adoption and execution of electronic medical record (EMR) systems

• How patients and their collective experiences can play an important role in healthcare decisions

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