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Over the last few weeks I have had the honor and privilege of visiting the Red Cross and spent some time with the students in their Certified Nurses Assistant program.

While there I had the opportunity to introduce HomeHero to the students and encourage them to work with us. This allows them to gain real working experience with clients. Now I love talking but one of the best parts about visiting these schools is the interactions that I have with the students. One of the main questions I always ask is “What made you want to go into this profession” and time after time I receive the same responses “It is my passion, it is my purpose.”

Profession, Passion and Purpose. Those words in today’s society are very rarely used in the same sentence but that wasn’t always the case. Our word “profession” has it’s roots in a Latin word which meant to take a vow or make a public declaration of skill. In the Medieval ages one had to publicly profess their passion and devotion to the church or a trade. A person’s purpose was intertwined so tightly with their passion that they had to profess it before the townspeople in order to be taken seriously.

These students caused me to really reflect me on my life and how Purpose, Passion and Profession show up in my life. I’ve always had a deep inner knowing that it was my life’s purpose to help people reach their full potential. This purpose fueled my passion for learning and studying anything I could on personal development, transpersonal psychology and change management. My passion eventually manifested itself as my profession. I went into the Human Resources field because I wanted to help people experience their work life as something more than just a job, but to help them use it as a place of personal fulfillment.

So I would like to pose a question to you the reader: Are you living in your purpose? Is your purpose fueling your passion? Is your passion manifesting itself in your profession?

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