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Keeping track of medical appointments, medications and instructions for your loved one while simultaneously helping with care is exhausting. If you?re feeling overwhelmed with the laundry list of to-do?s for your dependent care receiver, it?s time to put that smartphone to good use. The benefits afforded by technology are evident in the plethora of Android and Apple smartphone apps, especially with apps that target the aging population. We have categorized these apps to explain their benefits and guide you to more useful resources that simplify the art of caregiving. Many are free and most have been reviewed.

Time Management and Organization

Want to make sure your daughter?s Bring Your Grandparents to School Day doesn?t interfere with your grandma’s cardiologist appointment? Migrate personal calendar events with your care recipient?s appointment book to ensure everything is in check. Color code calendar events, list tasks to complete and make sure personal obligations aren’t sidelined by forgotten caregiving obligations.

Medical Reference Guides

Caregiving may present situations that are completely foreign. For this reason, medical reference guides such as WebMD are necessary and grant quick access to data when you need it. From symptoms of illnesses to treatment methods and care, these medical reference guides put in your possession a pocket-size medical dictionary that will answer questions and address concerns that arise outside the professional medical care setting.

Medication Tracker

Medication trackers such as MedCoach and RxmindMe are dedicated to the scheduling and tracking of over-the-counter and prescription medicine intake.

Personal Shadow

For aging adults who desire freedom to venture solo but display early signs of Alzheimer?s, smartphone apps like Unus Tactus are available that offer one-touch dialing solutions should they become lost or confused. Also look into Memory Trainer and BrainyApp to help with cognitive strengthening.


Keep track of aches, pains and other concerns, and address the frequency and intensity of these occurrences with apps such as Evernote and My Medical.

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