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Seniors love apps too! My Dad recently purchased his first smart phone after my siblings and I teased him for years for still using a flip phone. His favorite thing about joining the smart phone world is being able to download his own apps! Here is a list of 10 apps seniors need to know about. Be sure to pass this article along to the once flip phone owner in your life.

1. Google Express

When running errands is difficult or too time consuming Google Express is a dream come true. Stay home instead and shop from stores like Costco, Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods on the Google Express app. Have your order delivered by courier at the delivery window of your choice. Efficient and considerate. Download Here

2. DogVacay

You can use the DogVacay app in two ways. First, to conveniently find and hire a pet sitter to watch your furry family member when you travel out of town. Second, and I cannot believe this is a paying gig that exists, provide home care for others pets and make money cuddling a cute animal for the weekend. They say spending time with animals can have positive affects on senior health. This app is a win, win. Download Here

3. Heal

The Heal app goes retro in a great way and brings the doctor house call back! Use this app to get a doctor to your home in under 60 minutes. Excited to see this in-home health care service available again. Download Here

4. Flipp

This cool app allows you to save the best local coupons to a virtual clipboard. Never cut out coupons again. Coupons can be scanned from your device at the register. Download Here

5. All Recipes

All Recipes allows you to find recipes, save your favorites, and share them with your friends via social media and email. My favorite thing about this app is being able to search recipes based on filters i.e. “Chocolate”, “20 minutes”, and “Cheese”. Yes, please! Download Here

6. Word With Friends

I must warn you. This app is addicting. Challenge friends or other users to a game of virtual scrabble. It is because of Words With Friends that I learned the word “OXYPHENBUTAZONE”. The theoretical highest scoring point in scrabble. You’re welcome. Download Here

7. Solitaire

My grandma taught me how to play Solitaire when I was only about 10 years old. I have many happy childhood memories of playing with her (and winning). Download Here

8. Lumosity

This brain training app allows you to tailor a training program for yourself based on what brain functions you want to work on. Games are in the areas of memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving. Brain training exercises are important to lifelong wellbeing and many recommend it for senior care. Download Here

9. Netflix

There are several apps for streaming movies and TV shows on your mobile device. Netflix is a good place to start for beginners. May I recommend House of Cards and Parenthood? Download Here

10. Find iPhone

Seniors and the elderly should not take offense at this suggestion. I am not making a play at aging or questioning anyones memory abilities. This app is a must for everyone. My sister especially, who is 25 and loses her phone a minimum of 7 times a day. Download Here

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