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We’re thrilled to announce today HomeHero has joined the 2016 Techstars Healthcare Accelerator in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, the nation’s leading healthcare system.

Over the course of the next three months, HomeHero employees will integrate directly with the leading minds in healthcare practice and clinical research.

“We’re incredibly excited to work hand-in-hand with the brightest minds in healthcare,” CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Hill said. “During our initial visits with Cedars’ faculty and staff, we’ve already begun identifying key areas of collaboration and need. We believe the outcomes of this partnership will set a new paradigm for the healthcare continuum in the 21st century.”

HomeHero at the Techstars Cedars-Sinai 2016 Healthcare Accelerator Program

HomeHero Co-Founder/COO Mike Townsend (center) mingles with a crowd of healthcare innovators at Techstars’ 2016 Healthcare Accelerator program.

As we dive deeper into the world class resources available through this program, we’ll gain valuable insight into the needs of healthcare providers and the patients they serve, finding new ways to bolster patient health and well-being once they exist the hospital system.

HomeHero at the Techstars Cedars-Sinai 2016 Healthcare Accelerator Program

HomeHero VP of Strategy Kiel Dowlin discusses HomeHero’s role in the healthcare continuum at Techstars 2016 Healthcare Accelerator program

HomeHero joins 10 other companies in Techstars accelerator, each who bring their own products, knowledge, and innovation to the healthcare industry.

Get ready — this is only the beginning.

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