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It is always refreshing and motivating to meet people who are truly in the business of elder care to be advocates for the elderly and improve their quality of life.

When I met the group of employees and volunteers at the Neighborhood Care Foundation I could tell right away this was a group of people who genuinely care about the Los Angeles senior community and is passionate about helping them. This passion combined with the awesome mission and services they offer make them our HomeHero Partner of the Week!

I recently gave a presentation at the Neighborhood Care Foundation’s Downtown Los Angeles office. HomeHero’s power point presentation quickly turned into a group brainstorming session. We began discussing ways to work together to solve some of the common problems our senior community faces. A partnership bloomed.

One of the huge struggles our senior community battles is understanding the resources available, navigating government programs, and organizing a long-term care plan. The Neighborhood Care Foundation steps in and provides assistance with these common struggles.

As a nonprofit organization, their mission is to connect seniors to essential resources in the community, enable them to remain independent for as long as possible, and to ease the transition into new programs, services or even a new place to live. Their goal is to help your loved one achieve the highest possible quality of life. They provide education about available programs and ongoing follow up to help implement all of components of the care plan you create together.

Now, why were they so excited to learn about HomeHero? As mentioned part of their mission is to enable their members to remain independent for as long as possible and navigate the resources available. A huge component of this is helping members achieve the common goal of aging gracefully in their own home. Their team expressed a huge need for quality and affordable caregivers that work with family’s schedules and budget. When I explained HomeHero would give their members the opportunity to control their care by helping choose a caregiver, negotiating a rate that was feasible for their budget, setting the hours rather than being constricted by traditional company policy minimums and long-term contracts, it was like music to their ears. They have since been sending their members our way.

The Neighborhood Care Foundation is a great resource for HomeHero clients. We are now directing those in need to their services. Having an expert help you navigate the system is invaluable. HomeHero is extremely excited for the future working together to assist our senior community. Their passion along with their mission and services makes the Neighborhood Care Foundation the perfect partner for HomeHero.

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