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Grandparents are some of the coolest, wisest folks on the planet, but oftentimes they don’t receive the attention they deserve. In fact, a 2012 University of California San Francisco study showed that 43 percent of surveyed older adults felt lonely, yet only 18 percent lived alone.

So what gives? Many students get so swept up in their studies and moving away from home, they forget to keep in touch with their grandparents. If you’ve ever felt guilty for not keeping in touch with your papa or nana, this scholarship is for you.

Give your grandparents a call. Talk to them. Ask them questions. Learn their stories. Specifically, what knowledge do they wish they had while they were in school? What would they have done differently?

In 500-1,000 words, share your experience with us. What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? And how will your grandparent’s advice influence your academic decisions moving forward?

We’ll evaluate submissions according to creativity, attention to detail (both grammatical and personal) and emotional intent. Pictures/videos are not necessary, but we may ask winners to include photos of themselves with their grandparents. We will select winners during the month of February, 2016.

Deadline: February 14th, 2016

Length: 500-1,000 words

Awards: $1,000 1st place, $250 each for two runner-ups

Send submissions to:

Eligibility: Any college undergraduate students currently enrolled in higher education within the state of California, or high school students planning to enroll in college during 2016.

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